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At Wright Ford Young & Co., we measure our success by the high-quality employees we hire and retain. Thanks to these hard-working and dedicated employees, our practice has flourished into one of the largest CPA firms based in Orange County.

We strive to provide our employees with a career and not just a job. Our core purpose says it all:

“We are a CPA firm that provides an atmosphere where people can flourish in their careers, while at the same time, maintain meaningful relationships with God, their spouses, families, and friends.”

Grow Your Skills While Reaching Your Goals

We are a local powerhouse—big, yet smaller than the national firms—which gives us the agility and market position to offer these great opportunities to our employees:

  • Grow faster and achieve key career goals in less time than at other firms.
  • Work with multiple clients on a variety of interesting projects, rather than work inside a narrow niche.
  • Be part of a team that listens to you and is eager to implement your fresh ideas. Work hand in hand with all levels of professionals, from partners to staff, even if you’re just starting out.
  • Use the latest technology to improve your auditing, tax, and organizational skills.

Enhance Your Skills on the Job

At Wright Ford Young & Co., we are proud to be a “learning organization,” which means we embrace productive change and encourage creative thinking from all our team members.

Our teams constantly work to produce even more extraordinary results for our clients. To that end, we heavily invest in our employees’ ongoing professional development to help them earn degrees and certifications, improve their leadership skills, or become experts in new technology.

Most importantly, we create an environment where learning from each other, from our clients, and from our peers is encouraged and valued.

Enjoy Your Life In and Out of the Office

At Wright Ford Young & Co., we work hard, but we also believe in having fun on the job and after hours. It’s important to pursue our own individual interests, because our well-roundedness allows us to communicate better with a diverse range of clients.

A fun workplace and a well-rounded team helps our CPA firm think outside the box and come up with new solutions to challenging problems.

Where to Find Us

We actively recruit from local college campuses, including California State University, Fullerton, and the Southern California business community.

Whether you’re an accounting student hunting for a great career or an experienced professional looking for a change, Wright Ford Young & Co. provides a fast-paced, high-profile work environment where you can realize your true potential.