Transportation & Logistics

The transportation and logistics sector is one of the most essential services that enables deliveries from manufacturers to consumers. But even with the increasing concerns like labor issues and complex regulations, there is still a vast variety of extraordinary opportunities for growth. With rising fuel costs and increasing competition, it’s becoming more important than ever for transportation and logistics companies to focus on the basics: growing their business, reducing risk, and planning for the future.

Current Industry Challenges

Industry consolidation, regulatory issues, technological innovation, and tax legislation on the national and state levels continually impact the transportation industry’s business environment. These constant obstacles affecting your business, make everyday operations more complicated than ever.

We see the top challenges facing the transportation and logistics sector to be:

  • Increasing fuel costs
  • Need for business process improvement
  • Need for improved customer service
  • Uncertain economy post COVID-19
  • A driver shortage and ability to retain talent
  • Government regulations
  • Environmental issues
  • Need for improved technology strategy and implementation

Why is Wright Ford Young & Co. right for you?

With Wright Ford Young & Co. by your side, you and your business will have a financial advisor you can trust. Our team is knowledgeable in many basic and uniquely adhered services to help your business succeed, like assistance with mergers and acquisitions, business valuations, and succession planning. At Wright Ford Young & Co., we gain a thorough understanding of our client’s business activities and challenges through regular meetings between our partners and owners/executives. When advising our transportation clients on the issues they face, we actively guide their business to have a successful future for years to come.