Manufacturing & Distribution

Manufacturers and distributors are key factors in helping businesses deliver their products to consumers. Declining energy costs are helping U.S. manufacturers become more competitive. Even from a changing supply chain perspective accelerated by COVID-19, U.S. manufacturers are seeing the benefits of staying close to home, increased regulation, infrastructure, and healthcare costs continue to weigh on the minds of many manufacturers and distributors.

The U.S. economy faces major challenges to rebuild and retain the nation’s manufacturing capacity, jobs, and innovative edge in a global, virtual market economy. It is critical that manufacturers and distributors explore innovative ways to reduce costs, increase profit margins, and improve operating efficiency to be successful.

Some of the biggest issues we see facing the manufacturing and distribution industry include:

  • Multi-generational workforce and the growing manufacturing skills gap
  • The digital transformation of industrial sales and marketing
  • Automation and robotics in manufacturing
  • Increased global manufacturing competitiveness
  • Rising infrastructure costs

Why is Wright Ford Young & Co. right for you?

Wright Ford Young & Co. understands that manufacturers and distributors constantly face challenges to stay profitable in today’s highly competitive marketplace, whether they are producing or distributing goods. We know it’s essential to have an accounting partner that recognizes how you run your business and possesses industry best practices for improving what you do in real estate and construction. From the tax implications of global expansion to conducting due diligence for an acquisition, we can help you navigate the many issues affecting your business. We are well versed in the accounting issues facing the manufacturing and distribution marketplace, as well as the regulatory and compliance challenges posed by every area in which you operate – from liquidity issues to labor costs. Our team provides advice that not only keeps you up to date on industry developments but will give you trustworthy business guidance to grow for the future.