Real Estate & Construction

The real estate and construction industries present unique challenges and opportunities, and they have complex financial and regulatory requirements layered on top.  Real estate investment properties (residential, retail, commercial, and industrial) are at the core of this industry. Whether you own a single-income property, you are a real estate developer or subdivider, structure multi-tiered real estate investment partnerships, or you are a large public works construction contractor, all need a business partner with an experienced team of professionals with a depth of experience to help navigate the issues and avoid setbacks.

Current Industry Challenges

Real estate and construction play an essential role in the U.S. economy. On one hand, investors could argue that the sector appears primed to benefit from market opportunities; however, the sector also faces several challenges going forward. Challenges such as rapidly changing industry requirements, time-sensitive inquiries, and fluctuating market cycles are only a handful of the obstacles the real estate and construction industry handles every day.

The issues facing the real estate and construction industry include:

  • Infrastructure repair and modernization
  • Housing affordability and availability
  • Weather and climate-related risks
  • The effect of technology
  • End-of-cycle economics
  • Capital market risks
  • Population migration
  • Market volatility and confidence
  • Public and private indebtedness

Why is Wright Ford Young & Co. right for you?

Wright Ford Young & Co. has been providing financial and business solutions to construction and real estate clients since 1973. We understand that construction operations and transactions can be complex and require proactive attention. Whether the real estate investments are for speculation, development, or held as an income-producing property, our team understands the complex accounting and tax issues associated with each and can provide guidance and assistance from acquisition through the ultimate sale. We know that accurate and timely financial data is critical to understanding and managing real estate. Our team has the expertise to provide quarterly and year-end financial statements tailored to the real estate industry, providing the knowledge you need and complying with lender and debt covenant requirements. Whether you are a construction company or a homebuilder in various stages of a project, an investor attempting to exit a troubled property, or whether you are dependent on maximizing depreciation deductions, Wright Ford Young & Co. can help you maximize cash flow through the best financial and tax results.