Partner Andy Bautista Featured in Podcast Discussing COVID-19 Topics

podcast andy bautista

As we continue through this global COVID-19 pandemic, challenges can arise for businesses that were not visible a few months ago.  Our Tax Partner, Andy Bautista, recently contributed to a podcast that discusses common challenges that businesses are facing throughout the pandemic.

In this episode of The Business Talks Podcast, Andy begins his discussion on the important tax impacts this year at the 8 minute mark of the podcast. He touches base on topics such as tax planning for 2020, PPP loans, higher potential tax rates with an administration change, and more.  Andy joined other local business specialists Michael Krengel, Saji Gunawardane, Brian Brummell, AIF®, and Adam Caster in the roundtable.

The Business Talks Podcast is hosted by Matt Watson, an employee business advisor, where he talks with business leaders and what they face throughout the business world.

If you’d like to listen to the full episode, click here.


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