Tax Update on Business Meals Being 100% Deductible in 2021


Angela Tang, CPA

Estate & Trust Supervisor


The cost of business meals were considered a deductible expense since 1986, the problem is only 50% of such costs were allowed as a deduction until now.  The latest 2020 stimulus bill saw many changes and one of the which is the business meal deduction.  A temporary exception for 2021-2022 is the 100% business meal deduction for meals “provided by a restaurant.”  The government is attempting to help the restaurant industry impacted by the Covid-19 shutdown by intentionally incentivizing business owners to patronize restaurants.

In order to qualify for the business meal deduction, there must be a business purpose for the meal and it is applicable whether it is dine-in at a restaurant or order for takeout.  The following points are what qualifies for a business meal deduction:

  • The business owner or employee must be present
  • The cost of the meal or beverages must not be lavish or extravagant
  • The meal is with a business associate (i.e. customer, vendor, employee, or consultant)
  • The meal is ordinary and necessary for business purpose

And here is what qualifies for the temporary 100% business meal deductions:

  • Meals for employees at the office provided by a restaurant
  • Meals as part of social events such as holiday parties, company picnics, social activities, etc.
  • Meals provided by a restaurant with business associates
  • Meals purchased during an entertainment event if it is specifically broken down on a receipt and is provided by a restaurant
  • Meals provided to public at events to promote goodwill in the community (i.e. sponsoring a community event or an open house)
  • Meals that are an essential part of your business function (i.e. food blogger or restaurant critic)

For purpose of qualifying for the 100% business meal deductions, takeout or food delivery service with DoorDash, Grubhub , UberEATS, or other food delivery apps as well as catering companies are considered as “provided by a restaurant.”  Keep in mind that the cost of entertainment, even if associated with a business activity, is still not deductible per the IRS.

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