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Employers with Over 50 Employees Must Register with CalSavers by June 30

By June 30, 2021, nonexempt employers with more than 50 California W-2 employees must register with the CalSavers program. For exempt employers, if you’ve already offered a retirement plan, you do not have to participate in the program, but you still must register as “exempt” on the CalSavers website. Nonprofit organizations must register with CalSavers as well (if not exempt), but religious organizations are exempt from the registration requirements. How to Register for CalSavers Program For registering, employers will be notified via letter of their requirement to register with the CalSavers program. An access code will be given to them
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WFY Continues to Grow Firm with New Hires

Wright Ford Young continues to grow the firm with four new hires: Marisa Alvarado, Nicholas Valdez, Collin Sidler, and Cameron Bauer.  Marisa and Nicholas are the newest additions to WFY’s Estates & Trusts Department while Collin and Cameron are the newest additions to the Audit Department.  WFY is pleased to welcome these new hires to the WFY team. Marisa Alvarado Wright For Young & Co. welcomed Marisa Alvarado as its Estates & Trusts Tax Partner in June. Marisa has over 30 years of experience in public accounting with the last 20 years in High Net Worth Advanced Estate Planning. She has worked
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