New Hires Join WFY in July

This month in July, Wright Ford Young & Co. is excited to welcome five new hires to our tax department and our estate & trust department. Ashley Petrie joined our estate & trust department in the beginning of July. Ellie Robledo-Santos,…

Tax Exempt Gifts of Tuition and Medical Expenses

Gregory Lambourne, Esq. Senior Planning Consultant   You may be aware that the tax code grants taxpayers a $16,000 annual exemption from gift and generation-skipping transfer (GST) taxes. That means you (and every other taxpayer…
four new hires june

Four New Hires Join WFY in June

Four new hires joined Wright Ford Young & Co. in the month of June. Jonathan Smeragliuolo joined our Tax Department. Stephen Bruette, Mona Karimipour, and Eric Rueger joined our Audit Department. WFY is excited to have these new hires…
employee benefit plans

Key Take-Aways from 2022 AICPA & CIMA Employee Benefit Plans Conference

By Jennifer Haddad, CPA Audit Partner, ERISA Plan Audits Audit Director   Every year, Wright Ford Young & Co. attends the annual AICPA & CIMA Employee Benefit Plans Conference. The multi-day conference includes a comprehensive…

Interns Join Audit Department for WFY Summer Internship Program

Wright Ford Young & Co. welcomed four new interns to our team in May: Fayze Hindi, Elizabeth Gieser, Chenal Assady, and Brooke McMurtry. These interns will be joining our audit department for our summer internship program. We are thrilled…
june 15

Top Considerations for June 15 CA Passthrough Payment Deadline

Richard A. Huffman, CPA, MST Tax Partner   The June 15 deadline is approaching for the mandatory prepayment of the 2022 California passthrough entity elective tax workaround deposit. Important details to consider are as follows: Benefit By…

WFY Welcomes New Hire in May

In the beginning of May, Wright Ford Young & Co. welcomed a new hire who joined our Administrative team. We are excited to have this team member join WFY. Adriana Alcala Adriana Alcala joined our Administrative team in the beginning…

Preparing Yourself and the Best People to Replace You

Gregory Lambourne, Esq. Senior Planning Consultant   Plato observed that “Nothing ever is, but is always becoming.” We begin dying the day we are born. A bleak sentiment for sure, but useful if you allow it to focus and…
retirement plan

CA Employers Must Have Retirement Plans for Employees by June 30

By June 30, 2022, any California business owners with five or more employees are required to have a retirement plan for their employees. California businesses with five or more employees must comply with the statewide mandate and offer…
two new hires march

WFY Welcomes Two New Hires in March

In March, Wright Ford Young & Co. had two new hires join our team in our audit and estate and trust departments. Andre Nielsen joined our audit department as Audit Staff and Jason Gonzalez joined our estate and trust department as Diligence…
two new hires

Two New Hires Join WFY in February

  Last month, two new hires joined Wright Ford Young & Co. in our tax and audit departments: Sarahbelle Kabigting and Nicholl Venzon. Sarahbelle was welcomed into our tax department and Nicholl was welcomed into our audit department.…

WFY Sponsors 60th Anniversary Gala Hosted by Beyond Blindness

On February 26th, Beyond Blindness hosted their 60th Anniversary Gala at the Marconi Automotive Museum in Tustin. Wright Ford Young & Co. was one of the table sponsors at the gala. The special anniversary gala was a dining in the…